Mind and Body

Our Mind and body section is designed to help our readers have sound mind and body. When you look good in appearance you will be happier and confident, your mind becomes relaxed. This section provides the best of best tips to help our readers look good. It includes guides to improving your look through makeup techniques. We share easy and effective makeup tutorials. We share our product reviews that you must or must not try, our advice are based on various skin types and body types. We aim to provide freedom to your mind from overthinking and anxiety etc but to make yourselves focuses on appreciating nature’s beauty and art. Our aesthetic blogs will transfer positivity to your mind. This section also include fashion and styling guide to help us rock every look at every event. It provides styling tips from the experts specifically for your body type. Our blogs are based on the professional and experts in fashion designing, cosmetics and style icons you would like to imitate.

Keep Kids Cool with these Outfit Ideas

5 Outfit Ideas to Keep Kids Cool this Summer

The temperatures are rising, and children are in need of some cute summer outfits to match the season. Whether they are lounging at the beach or staying indoors in the cool air, you’ll need a summer fit that resonates with their surroundings, and to keep kids cool.

Dhamani 1969 Launches Exclusive CHRYSALIS Collection

Dhamani 1969 Launches Exclusive CHRYSALIS Jewelry Collection

Specially crafted for today’s woman, Chrysalis characterizes nature’s beauty, accessorizing any outfit to highlight the oomph and glitz factor. With fashionable and pictorial designs, the collection is a novelty in the traditionally elegant and opulent diamond jewels of Dhamani 1969.

Festive Gifts for the Beauty-Obsessed Woman

Festive Gifts for the Beauty-Obsessed Woman

Who doesn’t love the festive season? The truth is no one; because the days are filled with holiday parties, family lunches and dinners, sweet treats and lots and lots of festive gifts. Sounds amazing, until you have to find the best festive gifts for those closest to you.