Keep Kids Cool with these Outfit Ideas

5 Outfit Ideas to Keep Kids Cool this Summer

Keep Kids Cool with these Outfit Ideas

The temperatures are rising, and children are in need of some cute summer outfits to match the season. Whether they are lounging at the beach or staying indoors in the cool air, you’ll need a summer fit that resonates with their surroundings, and to keep kids cool.

We have put together some cute outfit ideas, from MAX Fashion to help the little ones stay cool during the hot Dubai summer months.

Keep Kids Cool in Summer With These Outfit Ideas

Keep light, stay fresh

The first thing to do when selecting clothes to keep kids cool is to consider the color palette of fabrics. Darker colors absorb more light and heat, while lighter colors reflect. Stock up on colorful cotton t-shirts starting at AED12 for toddlers and AED15 for young boys and girls.

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Cotton on to t-shirts

A cotton t-shirt is not only a staple wardrobe item that brings a lot of mileage, it’s also light and breathable. For little ones there is no reason not to have a collection of tees at the ready. Max Fashion’s soft-touch polo tee starts at AED19 for toddlers and AED22 for kids aged 8-16.

Invest in smart shorts

Like the classic t-shirt, shorts are a no-brainer when you want to keep kids cool in the hot weather. There are many styles to choose from – tennis shorts, denim shorts, swimming trunks and running shorts. The most versatile options are going to be denim shorts and swimming trunks. Denims and trunks can be worn daily, so it might be wise to stock up on multiple pairs. Swimming trunks are versatile in taking boys from the playroom to poolside, so they will always remain on the list of summer essentials.  

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Put your cool foot forward

Sliders are right up there on the list of footwear that will keep small feet cool during hot weather. Not only do they look great when paired with shorts and shirts, but they are so practical too. They’re great for wearing at the beach but why not around the house.

Create shade with a cap

As a lot of heat escapes the body through the head, it is never a good idea to let the sun sizzle down on an unprotected little crown. Grab a cap to keep the sun off hot hair. Max Fashion is offering three print caps with snap closure for AED49 in cool designs featuring Star Wars and Avengers icons among others. Not only can a cap provide shade for the face, it also works well with casual styling.

Tell us, what hacks do you swear by when it comes to keeping kids cool in the summer?