5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week

Celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and modernity, Dubai Modest Fashion Week is returning to Dubai on March 7, 8 and 9 at Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai.

According to the Co-founder Ozlem Sahin, Dubai Modest Fashion Week will be modest fashion’s biggest gathering in the region. “Following on from the success of the first Dubai Modest Fashion week, we have worked hard to make the 2019 edition even better, both for industry professionals and for those who just have a real love of fashion.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week

“Everyone should come and see the diversity of designs in this amazing fashion movement; celebrate women’s achievements and inclusivity, get involved with fashion for a good cause and celebrate the beauty and modernity of modesty. This is an opportunity to become a part of something that really is changing the way we see the world.”

– Co-founder Franka Soeira

Reasons to Visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week

1.     See the future of modern fashion in one location

Hosted at miX by Alain Ducasse overlooking the beautiful beaches of Emerald Palace Kempinski, Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019 will showcase the collections of designers from all corners of the globe. From Austria, Azerbaijan and Australia to Indonesia, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Mozambique, The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore and Turkey to Uzbekistan, the UAE and more, the biggest talents in modest design will gather to reveal their latest work to an assembled collection of the most powerful decision makers in fashion over a three-day style spectacular.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week

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2.     It’s a multi-billion dollar industry

Once a niche market, modest fashion is now a multibillion-dollar industry. Driven by a young and cosmopolitan consumer, the modest fashion industry accounts for $44 billion of the $1.9 trillion global market. Dubai Modest Fashion week offers an insight into the hottest modest fashion talent in the market, and the chance to meet the designers, buyers, models and media influencers helping the modest fashion movement gain this exceptional commercial momentum, and learn about the industry’s most rapidly-advancing sectors. A fashion force to be reckoned with!

3.     Fashion for a good cause

Dubai Modest Fashion Week will this year focus upon Women’s empowerment and inclusivity. Running over International Women’s Day weekend of March 7, 8 and 9, multiple projects have been specially created for the event, tagged online with the hashtag #DMFW. Showcasing inclusivity through various mediums, the aim of the projects is to open the door of fashion to everyone. Highlights include a movie celebrating the global empowerment of women by Dubai-based film director Ines Sebiane; Dream & Design for Disabilities, a project launched at Jakarta Modest Fashion Week to nurture the design talents of People of Determination, and a fashion exhibition of designs created by refugees and underprivileged women.   

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week

4.     You’ll be able to shop on the day or online

“As Think Fashion, we made many commercial initiatives so far” says Modest Fashion Week co-founder Ozlem Sahin. “We have offline selling channels to help brands sell their products, and now we have Modestcatwalk.com – a marketplace dedicated to Modest Fashion Week’s designers, with the sales concept of ‘From Catwalk to your Wardobe.’ Offering the chance to buy pieces from modest fashion designers direct from the runway, the initiative not only allows smaller fashion labels to showcase their designs internationally, it helps to increase visibility and sales of their collections with the strength of a global event behind them.

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5.     It’s the hottest fashion in town

Bringing the who’s who of Modest Fashion to the city, Dubai Modest Fashion Week promises to be an exceptional industry networking opportunity. Alongside the Council of Modest Fashion – one of biggest modest fashion collectives worldwide from Asia, Europe, GCC, the Middle East, Russia and Africa – editors from top media houses, TV and radio networks and leading social media influencers will be in attendance at the event, along with fashion buyers from across the globe searching for talented new designers.