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Tasty Smart Pot Ramadan Recipes

Tasty and Easy Smart Pot Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan is here and breaking your fast with delicious food at your convenience is essential. With NutriCook’s Smart Pot, you can have a convenient and healthy Ramadan affair. These Ramadan recipes are easy, and they allow you to make nourishing meals that keep you energized all day, at the touch of a button.

S’mores Recipe: How to Make The Perfect S’mores

Make Better S’mores With This Recipe

Making s’mores has never been this easy. But regardless of how you choose to make them, just make sure you don’t miss the most delicious of parts; swirling melty marshmallow and chocolate perfectly held together by graham cookies. And this s’mores Recipe doesn’t disappoint.

Super Health Benefits of Strawberries 2

Why You Should Eat Strawberries on a Regular Basis

Strawberries are quite popular during the Valentine’s season. What you might not realize is that the health benefits of strawberries can do wonders if consumed on a regular basis. In Dubai, we are lucky to have strawberries throughout the year because in some other parts of the globe, they are seasonal, and people can’t get them …

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