Diet and Fitness

Our diet and fitness section is the motivational force for our readers to stay fit. We encourage people of all ages and sizes whether they are overweight or underweight to follow a balanced diet plan and workout template that is easy and effective also. We are committed to help you build the health, strength and the body you have been longing for. Fitness does not sets a standard of beauty but it sets the standard of health. We will guide our readers to achieve the ideal weight for their height and age. We are concerned about your health as much as you are. We have plans for beginners who are not used to strenuous exercises so they can slowly adjust with the work-out. We have also planned exercises for those who can’t access gyms. Diets recommended is not difficult neither boring. You will get used to it. Join Hayati in our mission to make everybody fit and healthy and you will experience incredible results.

Tasty Smart Pot Ramadan Recipes

Tasty and Easy Smart Pot Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan is here and breaking your fast with delicious food at your convenience is essential. With NutriCook’s Smart Pot, you can have a convenient and healthy Ramadan affair. These Ramadan recipes are easy, and they allow you to make nourishing meals that keep you energized all day, at the touch of a button.

S’mores Recipe: How to Make The Perfect S’mores

Make Better S’mores With This Recipe

Making s’mores has never been this easy. But regardless of how you choose to make them, just make sure you don’t miss the most delicious of parts; swirling melty marshmallow and chocolate perfectly held together by graham cookies. And this s’mores Recipe doesn’t disappoint.