The Importance of Multimasking For Your Skin

The Importance of Multimasking For Your Skin

Have you wondered why some women always have beautiful skin and you find yourself wishing the same? Beauty is not elusive, and it doesn’t have to fade easily, if proper care is taken. Caring for your skin should be one of your top priorities, especially in this day and age. It’s no secret that face masks play a significant role in skin rejuvenation, and maintaining skin health. And while a lot of focus is given to the face, there’s an important area below the face, the neck & décolletage, that also needs similar attention, which can be achieved through multimasking.

Sheet Masks and Multimasking

Sheet masks are one of the most effective delivery systems of nutrients to the skin as it acts as a second skin diffusing much needed nourishment into the skin. It’s the closest dermal contact which allows the skin to absorb nutritious serums faster and more effectively. When caring for the face, neck and décolletage, multimasking is the way to go about it. It is the go-to masking technique for anyone who wants to get the best out of their skincare.

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Multimasking involves using two or more different masks on your face at the same time depending on what each area needs, thus giving your skin a customized skincare session.

Our Top Multimasking Masks

 Skin Republic’s sheet masks combine the latest advancements in skincare with nature’s restorative properties. All its products contain a concentration of nutrient-rich ingredients that nourish, rejuvenate and hydrate resulting in healthy, glowing skin. They also offer solutions to a variety of skin concerns, and they’re all infused with a potent anti-aging serum for younger-looking skin.

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Top 3 Picks for a great multimasking spa treatment

Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch

The Importance of Multimasking For Your Skin

This intensive under eye treatment helps to nourish the skin and target five eye-area agers: fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, puffiness, dark circles, and dryness. Active ingredients of Collagen, Green Tea, Vitamins A&E, and Aloe Vera help to re-energize the eye area soothing away signs of stress and fatigue. It effectively “erases” slight imperfections and helps to increase the staying power of eye makeup.

Neck + Décolletage Repair

The Importance of Multimasking For Your Skin

This 20-minute treatment mask that can be included in your multimasking nourishes and repairs the delicate skin on your neck and décolletage. Collagen and CoQ10 help tighten, plump and restore firmness. Infused with Rice Bran, Mulberry, and Liquorice, it reduces the visible appearance of freckles and age spots.  Aloe and Vitamin E aids in intensely nourishing and restoring a youthful tone and texture. With regular use, skin appears brighter, smooth and re-densified.

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Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask

The Importance of Multimasking For Your Skin

This black charcoal peel-off mask combines the purifying benefits of charcoal with the deep cleansing properties of a peel-off mask. Removing blackheads, impurities, and excess oil whilst minimizing the appearance of the skin’s pores. Fruit acids gently exfoliate and brighten refining the skin’s texture of ultra-soft, glowing skin.