Meet the Kings of Aesthetics in UAE at Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital - Dubai

Meet the Kings of Aesthetics in UAE

Based at Aesthetics by Kings College Hospital Dubai, which is the newest Aesthetics medical centre in UAE, is an A-Team of Aesthetics experts made up of British Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

The team, which is led by Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Adnan Tahir, who is also the Chief of Surgery, and a household name in the UAE when it comes to aesthetics, has brought the best of British care in the region.

“We are all thrilled to be a part of Kings College Hospital Dubai, and are more than happy to bring our 45+ years combined experience in aesthetics,” says Dr. Adnan. He adds that the hospital, which is multi-specialty, and the team, take pride in providing enhanced patient care blended with a strong passion for great patient experience.

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“At Aesthetics by Kings College Hospital Dubai, we provide the best of British care and all our aesthetic surgeries and procedures are performed by well-trained professionals who are the best in their respective fields.” He notes that the success of their aesthetics practice is measured by the quality of care they provide. “We are passionate about delivering quality outcomes in aesthetics and not just quantity, based on current best practices which are backed by science.”

Beauty Made Better

Additionally, he continues, we focus most of our time on the patient, listening to their needs and potential treatments or aesthetic/reconstructive procedures they may require. “I firmly believe in the term beauty made better in terms of cosmetic surgery outcomes. Our quality and consistent outcomes in aesthetic surgery speak for themselves.”

Everybody is welcome at Aesthetics by Kings College Hospital Dubai, and the team is always ready to attend to anyone who walks through the doors. In addition to Dr Adnan, you’ll also find Dr. Rory McGoldrick (another household name).

Non-surgical procedures are performed at the King’s state-of-the-art Marina Medical Centre located in the heart of Dubai Marina, and the surgical procedures are done at the brand-new 100-bed multi-specialty hospital in Dubai Hills.

“At Aesthetics by Kings College Hospital Dubai, we believe in doing the minimum necessary in order to achieve the best natural looking results, with the least downtime.”

– Dr. Adnan Tahir – Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Procedures Performed at Aesthetics By Kings College Hospital Dubai

At Aesthetics by Kings we provide the latest surgical and non-surgical aesthetic and anti-aging procedures including but not limited to:

  • Reconstructive Surgery – breast reconstruction, skin cancer, and scar revision among others.
  • Body Contouring – Breast Augmentation, Breast lift, Breast reduction, Gynecomastia surgery, Abdominoplasty, Arms and Thigh lift, Liposuction, Intimate Rejuvenation among others.
  • Facelift, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, and lips Augmentation/reduction among others.
  • Post Massive Weight-loss Surgery.
  • Autologous Fat Transfer (popular for the Brazilian Butt Lift).
  • Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments – Dermal Fillers, Anti-wrinkle injections, Laser treatments, PRP, and an array of Skin treatments.

The ‘Aesthetic Kings’ are currently accepting patients at the Dubai Marina Branch – The Residences at Marina Gate 1.