Where to eat and what to eat is the most difficult question to have consensus on. Dinning section of Hayati includes reviews on restaurants in UAE that do not compromise on the quality of food, clean environment and taste. It guides about all the restaurants with different kinds of set ups and inspired by different types of cuisines from all over the world. Hygiene and clean environment is a substantial concern of our bloggers to give a good review. Your health is prime concern of us too.  We suggest the restaurants who are using highest quality ingredients and serve the freshest food for your healthy eating habits. Plus the restaurants who are offering delicious and yummiest meals to savor your appetite. We also consider the pricing of restaurants in accordance to the taste and quality. We will help you choose the restaurant as per your cravings whether you want to treat yourself with Arabic cuisine, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Italian or whatever. We can help you with calling an order for home delivery in time. Or the best ice cream parlor to cap off your meal with the perfect treat. Our advice would be based on personal experience and testing so that your plan to eat out doesn’t screws up.

A Taste of Italy at Luigia - Dubai

A Taste of Italy at Luigia – Dubai

Sometimes cravings just happen, and when that craving is for authentic Italian cuisine, then there’s no room left for mistakes. When this craving hit, we headed over at Luigia Dubai, whose slogan is ‘The Best of Italy’.