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5 Products You Should Include In Your Morning Skincare Routine

Your Morning Skincare Routine Re-imagined

Snooze buttons and speedy showers make up most of our morning routines, but we can’t neglect our skin in the mad rush to make it out of the door on time. Take 10 minutes out to achieve that clear, glowing complexion you’ve always wished for with our morning skincare routine tips.

Types of Hair Loss You Should Know About

Types of Hair Loss You Should Know About

Depending on what is causing it hair loss can affect either your scalp or your entire body. It can come gradually or suddenly and anyone be it men, women or children can experience it. Hair loss can be hereditary, due to medications or hormonal changes.

See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery with Crisalix

See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery

Can you imagine seeing your new body before you even decide to do a plastic surgery procedure? Now you can, thanks to a new technology at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, known as Crisalix.  Patients can now visualize their expected plastic surgery results before the procedure through 3D simulation during their consultation!