Top tips to care for your baby’s skin this summer

Top Baby Skin Care Tips This Summer

Top tips to care for your baby’s skin this summer

Did you know our skin is an organ? In fact, it is the largest organ of the human body, making it an extremely important part of our lives. But do we really look after our babies’ skin as well as we think? During hot and harsh weather conditions in the summer season, baby skin care is a common worry parents have for their little ones.

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Most parents will agree a newborn baby’s skin is the softest, loveliest, most precious thing there is. Skin is our body’s first line of defense against all elements such as sun, wind, harmful rays and chemicals. While the skin has these important functions, a babies’ skin has just one-fifth of the thickness of adults’ making them more sensitive to all of the elements. Their skin needs time to strengthen and grow with the baby. This is why most parents are left wondering about the best way to take care of their babies’ skin. WaterWipes has stepped in to help inform parents on the little things they can keep in mind while taking care of their babies’ skin.

Skincare For Your Baby

A crucial fact parents need to remember is babies aren’t like adults – they don’t toil and sweat. Babies mostly get messy and need a good clean up whether that’s a diaper change or a change after feeding. Using WaterWipes for a thorough clean on-the-go will keep your baby feeling fresh and clean always. They don’t necessarily need a bath every day like many believe. To keep your babies clean, bathing them three times a week is, in fact, fine from a hygiene perspective. This practice helps avoid skin dryness and maintains the skin’s natural moisture.

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During hot temperatures and summer months, it’s important to help the babies’ skin breathe as much as possible by having some diaper-free time and being selective in what to dress your baby in. Giving babies as much diaper-free time as possible will help their skin breathe and help in controlling nappy rash. Lightweight cotton and organic cotton are the best fabrics to look out for, as they are much more breathable and comfortable for babies.

Baby skin care tips

  1. Use products with natural ingredients and minimal or no fragrances as this can irritate the skin
  2. Don’t bathe them too much as water can strip moisture from the skin
  3. Opt for natural, breathable materials to dress them in
  4. Regularly moisturize with skin products to keep it hydrated and healthy
  5. Limit sun exposure to protect from harmful UV rays.

So, there you have it! Baby skin care simply comes down to using your common sense, knowing what works for your child and most of all, trusting your instinct. Remember to consult a health practitioner if you have any doubts.