Ayurveda Holistic Healing – All Your Questions Answered

Ayurveda Holistic Healing – All Your Questions Answered

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPuTF19AvBgWhen it comes to Ayurveda, most people don’t fully understand the concept behind it. Developed thousands of years ago before modern medicine, Ayurveda has come to be one of the most powerful minds, and body healing practices.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, which is separated into – Ayur – which means life, and Veda- meaning science, is based on a principle that wellness and health depend on a balance between mind, body, and  spirit. According to Dr. Athika Chettiar, Ayurveda expert at Ayur Mandala Ayurveda Center in Dubai, the objective of this holistic healing system is to promote overall wellness and good health and not to fight the illness. Nevertheless, the practice has treatments tailor-made to treat some specific health issues like diabetes, weight problems, cardiovascular illnesses and women’s health among others.

The most important part of Ayurveda therapy is that it recognizes each and everyone one of us is different. “No two people are the same, and that means no treatment, lifestyle or diet can work for everyone,” she says, adding that the therapy has to be tailored to a single person’s mind and body. “When you seek out Ayurveda, you are most likely to live with a wellness formula than with pills.”

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So, How Does Ayurveda Work?

The system is based on three Doshas (energies that make up each individual). There is Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha. Dr. Athika, explains the workings of Ayurveda and how you can use it for overall health and wellness in the video below.

About Ayur Mandala Ayurveda Center

Ayur Mandala is the biggest Ayurveda center in the UAE, which is a completely new concept of a holistic center, with authentic Ayurveda treatments unlike any experienced before. They have specially trained therapists who customize each treatment using herbal-infused oils, aromas, and massage techniques to balance your unique body type.