See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery with Crisalix

See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery

See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery with Crisalix

Can you imagine seeing your new body before you even decide to do a plastic surgery procedure? Now you can, thanks to a new technology at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, known as Crisalix.  Patients can now visualize their expected plastic surgery results before the procedure through 3D simulation during their consultation!

During a plastic surgery consult, plastic surgeons usually try to visualize what the expected result will be, based on pictures of other patients before and after the procedures. Still, it is difficult for a lot of patients to visualize their new body before the procedure by only comparing pictures of other patients.

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Crisalix Helps in Decision Making
See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery with Crisalix
Dr. Martain Pierre Jean Loonen
Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

According to Dr Martain Pierre Jean Loonen – Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic – the clinic has now started using Crisalix to help patients in their decision-making and visualization of the effects and results of cosmetic procedures.

Crisalix, says Dr Martain, is the worldwide leading 3D plastic surgery imaging & business solution that provides simulations for plastic procedures, such as breast augmentations, Rhinoplasty, body contouring like Abdominoplasty, liposuction and many more.

“With Crisalix, patients can look at their new body in 3D which helps the doctor and patient to ask and answer common questions during consultation” he explains, adding that patients can also compare the expected results of the operation before and after their procedure.

The 3D simulation can answer common questions of patients like:
  • See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery with CrisalixWhat would be the difference in e.g. a 300 or 400cc breast implant after the procedure for my breast appearance?
  • What is the difference between a round or anatomic breast implant after the procedure and how will I look like when I use these implants?
  • What is the difference in appearance when the breast implant is placed under the muscle or under the breast gland?
  • How will the liposuction result be from different viewpoints?

Although the Crisalix simulation does not guarantee the exact result after the procedure, notes Dr Martain, it gives a profound image of what to expect.
According to Dr Martain, all Crisalix consultations and 3D imaging simulations and pictures are done free of charge at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic.