Fashion Inspiration for a Beach Workout

Diet and Fitness
August 1, 2016 0

Tons of new and remarkable beach workout fashionable pieces are popping up everywhere!  And by bringing the gym to the beach with oceanic blues, palm prints, and a dash of tropical flowers, you will feel […]

Proven Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Diet and Fitness
July 27, 2016 0

Starting the day with lemon water is no longer an old wives tale. Why, you may ask? Because lemon water has numerous benefits especially if drank on a daily basis. In Ayurvedic medicine, having this zingy fruit […]

Why You Are Always Feeling Hungry

Diet and Fitness
July 14, 2016 0

You think you’re eating enough, but no matter what you ingest, you always seem to develop over the top cravings. And you don’t have an obvious reason for the increased hunger, such as pregnancy or tougher […]

7 foods for a healthy heart

Diet and Fitness
June 27, 2016 1

You should be diligently taking care of your heart because a large number of women die because of heart diseases every year. You must make healthy eating and lifestyle choices. This means you should be […]

Beauty hacks for busy days

July 12, 2016 1

We have curated list of 10 easy beauty hacks because we know how busy your lives can be between work and everyday chores. These make up hacks will help you get the glamorous look even […]