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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Watch

The wedding season frenzy is here and the exchange of gifts between the bride and the groom has always...

By Hayati / April 8, 2018

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Organic Pampering at Al Maha's Timeless Spa

In today’s world where dramatic distractions have become a norm, self-care is not just a luxury...

By Hayati / April 7, 2018

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Importance of Playdates in Child Development

The alarming rise in ‘digiculture’ has taken over the lives of little ones, some as young as two years...

By Hayati / April 19, 2017

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5 Key Tips for Busy Professionals on How to Stay In Shape

Are you too busy with work to stay in shape? That won’t be an excuse anymore because Ultimate Performance’s...

By Hayati / April 13, 2017

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Health Benefits of Broccoli and Why You Should Add It To Your Menu

Vegetables are great for our health, which is why when we were children; our mothers usually forced...

By Hayati / April 12, 2017

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Dental Implants: What To Expect

Having Dental implants is one thing most of us do not think about very often. On the hand, if the need...

By Hayati / April 9, 2017

Open Your World

Visit Dubai, a city of superlatives that towers over the Arabian desert with futuristic cityscape. An ever inspiring cosmopolitan of rich values and history that finds its roots in persistence and perseverance.
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See Your New Body in 3D Before Plastic Surgery

Can you imagine seeing your new body before you even decide to do a plastic surgery procedure? Now you can,...

By Hayati / February 12, 2017

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UAE Wellness Survey: 78% of UAE Residents Consider Themselves Healthy

A new UAE wellness survey done by the Emirates’ largest health, wellness and beauty platform,,...

By Hayati / February 11, 2017

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Escape with the Luxurious Six Senses Hotels this Valentine’s Day

Are you wondering if you need a Valentine’s Day getaway this year? You don’t have to anymore...

By Hayati / February 10, 2017