Keep Kids Cool with these Outfit Ideas

5 Outfit Ideas to Keep Kids Cool this Summer

The temperatures are rising, and children are in need of some cute summer outfits to match the season. Whether they are lounging at the beach or staying indoors in the cool air, you’ll need a summer fit that resonates with their surroundings, and to keep kids cool.

Dhamani 1969 Launches Exclusive CHRYSALIS Collection

Dhamani 1969 Launches Exclusive CHRYSALIS Jewelry Collection

Specially crafted for today’s woman, Chrysalis characterizes nature’s beauty, accessorizing any outfit to highlight the oomph and glitz factor. With fashionable and pictorial designs, the collection is a novelty in the traditionally elegant and opulent diamond jewels of Dhamani 1969.

colored gemstones

Falling in Love with Mouawad’s Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones, just like Mouawad’s Opera Collection, have become a special growing trend in the world of jewelry today. If you adore the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, and are captivated by the alluring hues of gemstones, then you have just dove right into Mouawad’s world of colored gemstones.