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6 Makeup tricks you have not heard of before

When it comes to wearing makeup, you probably want the best look possible without having to spend a lot of time and effort to get the work done. These Makeup tricks will help you pull out makeup anytime you want. You may have heard of a lot of Makeup tricks before which were also useful but a brand new one is all you need to take your makeup to a completely new level. Here are some Makeup tricks you may never have heard or tried before.

Natural looking blush

It can be tough to apply a natural looking blush which goes with your skin tone. Start by applying color to just the apples of your cheeks using a damp makeup sponge. Use should use the same sponge to cover the blush with a bit of tinted moisturizer. It will show through but will look like your natural complexion.

Hide big pores

Large pores are something that most of us girls would rather not deal with, so minimizing them is something you might want to consider. While you can’t really get rid of them instantly, you can certainly cover them up so they aren’t so noticeable. Apply a pore minimizing cream to your skin, then apply your foundation. Spritz your face with water so the makeup settles into pores. It helps smooth your skin and give you the flawless finish you have been longing for.

Apply loose powder before eye shadow

Before you put on your eye shadow, brush your lids with a bit of loose powder. This works sort of like a primer and helps keep your eye shadow in place longer. The eye shadow adheres to the powder instead of sticking to your skin. It helps to prevent fading, caking and settling.

Use cotton swabs

Mistakes when applying makeup happen and it is really annoying when you have to start from scratch. Eliminate that problem by keeping a stash of cotton swabs in your cosmetics bag. You can use them for anything from smudged mascara to bleeding lipstick. They’re cheap and easy to use.

Apply lipstick before lip liner

We know you think it’s crazy but you should definitely give it a try. Start by applying the lip color almost to the ends of your lips. Then use liner in the same shade to finish it off. This will keep the color from draining and give you a well-defined line all the way around your lips.

Two kinds of Mascara

This Makeup tricks involves two kinds of mascara, one brown and other black. Try it and you are going to love this look. Start by curling your lashes, then swipe on a coat of brown mascara. Then apply black mascara just at the base of your lashes. Then add black to just a few random lashes all the way to the tips.