Sophie's Dubai healthy lunchbox

Nutritious & Delicious Lunchbox of Goodness at Sophie’s Dubai

Sophie's Dubai healthy lunchboxIf you thought a nutritious and delicious lunch can’t happen in Dubai, then you were wrong. This is because Sophie’s Dubai healthy lunch boxes are not only healthy, but overly delicious as well. Call it a combo of nutritious and delicious lunch stuffed into one lunchbox.

Sophie’s Dubai lunchbox of goodness has made it clear that there are no excuses to be had anymore, because these super healthy boxes are there for the taking. It doesn’t matter if you want dine in, take-away or on your desk. All you have to do is get in touch with Deliveroo, and they will deliver your lunchbox of goodness from Sophie’s Dubai anywhere in UAE.

From what we understand, Sophie’s Dubai healthy boxes of goodness are packed with everything nutritious and delicious that people like you and us need to help refuel and continue the day with energy and a healthy glow inside and out.

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A Whole Lot Goodness in Sophie’s Dubai Lunch Boxes

image003When it comes to choosing what’s in Sophie’s Dubai health-boosting lunchbox – there are no restrictions.  It doesn’t matter if you are in need of a protein punch, a lean green detox diet or some flavorsome vegan variety. The daily rotating combination of fresh superfood organic salads, proteins and grains on offer inside Sophie’s Dubai lunchbox of goodness guarantees something to suit all diets.

And if you think you will reach a point where the food becomes boring, just like everything else, you are also wrong. This is because with the daily alternation of organic homemade dishes, your palates’ boredom will be kept at bay.

Sophie’s Alternate Options

To keep your taste buds enticed and wanting more of Sophie’s lunchbox of goodness, you are free to interchange whatever tickles your fancy. One day you can opt for the Mandarin Quinoa Salad and a Broccoli and Cauliflower Slaw alongside a succulent slice of Poached Salmon, and the next you can go all veggie with a Honey Glaze and Ginger Carrot Salad, some Summer Corn, Tomato, Avocado Salad and top it with some Roasted Chickpeas in a Mustard Dressing.

To accompany the box of nutritious and delicious food, Sophie’s Dubai serves their own range of freshly made juices and smoothies. In addition, they offer leading brands such as RAW organic coffee and New Age Beverages.  As for those looking for a bite of something sweet yet want to keep their healthy eating in check, they can easily tuck into gluten free cookies or other sweet treats that are on offer on the day of your visit.

These special nutritious and delicious lunchboxes have a way of staying true to Sophie’s Dubai eat well, live well, be well motto.

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Our take: The jury is still out waiting for Sophie’s to deliver our lunch.