Perfect Eid gift for her

If you really want to treat your significant other with the perfect gift on this Eid, this blog will help you choose the seamless and considerate Eid gift for her.  Following our suggestion will make her awe on how thoughtful you are. Jewelers like Damas and joyalukkas have curated a magical collection of jewellery items to inspire you to buy them for the special woman in your life.


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they can also be your best friend by impressing her with your Eid gift. Your loved one will cherish your gift for a lifetime.

Damas is offering a new jewellery range using the extraordinary Forevermark diamonds. These diamonds are very rare.  Out of the estimated 1.5 billion polished diamonds that will be produced in 2016 globally, only 0.7% of them are estimated to be “Forevermarkable”.

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Bring her ring with a single, simple and sparkly diamond in the center. There are chances that she will shed tears of joy after seeing this.eid gift for her diamond ring

We know that stylish crystal stone statement earrings will add glamour to any look. Buy her a pair of elegant earrings to enhance her look on Eid. She will adore you for this!

diamond studs eid gift for her

You can get her simple diamond studs because every girl needs a little sparkle in her life. The diamond studs would be the perfect way to pull the best gift ever. These never out of style studs can top off a ladylike look and make her feel exquisitely sophisticated and classic. She can also wear them for a casual but a composed look.

Look for an elegant bracelet that looks sparkly and stunning so that she can wear it on her wrist both casually and formally.

Owning jewellery is one of the best perks of being a woman. She would be more than happy to receive a dazzling and shimmering diamond necklace. She would keep it close to her heart forever. Or you can buy her an antiques inspired locket that provides character and charisma to every outfit. She would love it thrown in a casual way and it will also work with the formal outfit making it a look even cooler.

Any of these gift ideas would surprise and delight even the most discerning lady. Because even the woman who has everything can never have too many diamonds. You can show how much you care for them by bringing them a thoughtful Eid gift.