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10 Eid gifts for your loved ones

A time for family celebration, the joyous occasion of Eid Al Fitr is around the corner. Eid brings with it immense joy and delicious food, it can get a little stressful when you don’t know what to get for your loved ones on Eid. If you have not thought about the gift for your significant other yet, fear not. To help you celebrate, Hayati guides you to get the perfect Eid gift for your loved ones to make it a memorable one.

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While we know “eidi” is a safe bet, but buying a gift would be something thoughtful. Here are some gifts you should think of getting for your treasured ones.

  1.    Cologne


A cologne is for sure going to make a great choice for eid gifts this summer. Keep in mind his preferences to fragrances if he has any signature choice. A cologne would also be a perfect present for a women. Try to get her a fine exquisite perfume with a subtle and pleasant fragrance, inspired by Italian and french flavors. She will appreciate you for getting her such a considerate gift on Eid.

  1.    Watch


For a man who loves watches. Get him a stylish watch with a leather strap which suits his dressing style and personality as an eid gift. He will adore you for this because watch would be a perfect gift for any gentlemen.

  1.    Striped shirt

Eid gifts can also include striped shirt because they are never out of style. They are good for both work and casual look. Your gift can become his favorite shirt.

  1.    Books

You can bring him/her a book on his to-read list to feed his inner geek. Books will make the Eid day better for a bookworm.

  1.    Jewellery

diamond studs eid gift for her

If she splurges on jewellery, you should not think of any other gift alternatives. No woman in the world will turn her nose up at a diamond necklace or earrings. She will remember of your thoughtful gift for a lifetime.

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  1.    Scarves

You can gift her a beautiful bright colored scarf while staying in budget. Scarves can be worn with both eastern and western outfits. We can see trendsetters rocking scarves in different ways this summer. You easily look for scarves in any women apparel shop or they are also available online

  1.    Sweets

Sweets are a safe choice for eid gifts. If you really want to treat your significant other on this Eid. Send them their favorite sweets or chocolates. You can send them traditional delicacies like kunafa, baqlawa and luqaimat etc. this gift would be incomparable.

  1.    Self-care basket

If you want to show your significant other that you have invested time and energy into finding her the perfect gift, bring her a self-care basket. You can get an already fixed self-care basket for her. But we recommend you to gather up assorted goodies from the store and get them wrapped in a basket. Leave a cute Eid card for her in the basket. This would be the most thoughtful and special gift she can ever get.

  1.    Handbag

If you know she is a handbag fanatic and never has enough styles to choose from, look no further than a small leather bag with earth tone/shades. Or you can choose from quirky clutches. It depends on her style. She will be delighted to see this as her Eid gift.

  1.   Shoes

She can’t have enough pair of shoes, just like all the women around the world. Your Eid gifts will not get better than this. Get her a pair of classy heels or you can get her funky flip-flops this summer. She will gleam with excitement when she sees them!