Eid gift ideas for him

We understand that shopping for a perfect Eid gift for him can be very challenging. We have created a list of things you can consider buying him for Eid. Take one of these items and he will be super happy.

Assorted Attar Basket

Attar and perfumes are eternal to Eid and men are suggested to wear new clothes and apply fragrance. He would be delighted to receive a basket like this as an Eid Gift.


You can gift him a personalized photo frame with a picture of you two on it. He will always remember this thoughtful gift of yours.


Since Eid is the time for celebrations, a box full of sweets which they would love to savor can be a perfect Eid gift. kunafa,  luqaimat and baklava are some of the traditional delicacies that can be sent to your loved ones on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. You can actually prepare these sweets or sweet dishes at home or purchase a box full of a variety of sweets to let your loved ones enjoy a delightful treat.


Watch is the most appropriate gift for a gentleman. Buy him a trendy watch that goes with his attire. He will adore you for this idea.

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Buy a decent shirt for him that he can wear both at work and casually. There is no reason this will not be the best gift for your man.

Polaroid snap instant

If he like to take pictures, Polaroid camera is the perfect gift. You will love this and so will your photographer man. You will be able to snap and print pictures.


A cologne would be a perfect gift for him. Choose a one with strong and long staying fragrance.

Leather accessories

You can gift him a leather wallet, a leather card holder, passport case, a leather bag, shoes or a trendy leather belt. It is a great idea to gift a man.

Silver Ring

Tradition states that Muslim men should wear silver rings, as this was once adorned by Prophet Mohammad. You can therefore get a well-crafted silver ring for him as an Eid gift. We will recommend you to engrave his name or initials on the ring. He is definitely going to love this.

Video games

We all know how men are obsessed with video games, buy him a video game that he will love to play all day. He will thank you in ecstasy. Believe me!

Hover board

It’s amazing, it is one of the most popular gifts nowadays and he will love this. He will have so much fun learning to ride this.

Is there anything he needs at the moment, bring him that thing to make him feel like you listen and care for him. It could be anything a tool box for a fixer guy, headphones and whatnot.

If you’ve got any other nice ideas that I’ve missed please feel free to suggest and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.


Eid Mubarak!