How to Become a Morning Person

If you are a night owl, you can’t get up early or hate your morning routines. You keep whining your routine and reason of your bad behavior is stated as your sleep deficiency. Of course, you regret it. We can help you to become a morning person with few tips. Part of becoming a morning person is mental – you have to overcome some serious psychological barriers against rising early that have been entrenched for years. The former part is preparation. Becoming a morning person doesn’t means you will not have difficulty rising up but it means you will be trying to welcome every morning making it a habit.

First of all, you need to stop snoozing your alarm that you will wake up after 5 minutes. It makes your body lazy, your mind thinks you can go back to sleep again. Then, it gets interrupted in few minutes which triggers the sleep inertia. It actually means you may be trying wake yourself up for good couple of hours. It is somehow in a suspended state that it does not know whether it will get to sleep back and when. It is important to cut off this bad habit. In fact, you should try getting up as soon as you hear your alarm. If there are chances you don’t hear an alarm easily because you are a heavy sleeper. You can download multiple apps on your smartphone which make sure that you are up before the alarm goes off.

A night owl would obviously hate sunlight in the morning which halts his/her sleep. It is absolutely potent in waking you up. You should go out to seek sunshine as soon as you wake up for around 10 to 15 minutes. You can even take you coffee or tea along. It fully activates your brain. It helps you start your day with a dose of vitamin D.

Prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself, it is better if you have prepared your breakfast in advance. Choose your outfit and prepare all the things you will need in the morning. Your overall health and well-being is supported by good sleep. Sleep is regulated by your daily routine. If you keep making changes to your sleep schedule you will feel lethargic and inactive. Our brain rests more fully when it gets at least eight hours of sleep, but it also depends on when you are getting that eight hours. If you sleep before midnight your brain will get more rest than sleeping afterwards. So, stick to your sleeping schedule.

You need to break another bad habit if you keep staring at your smartphone and switching between apps out of boredom. Phone addiction will make you unmotivated and apathetic in the morning. You will feel bad about yourself that why did you waste your time. Another bad habit is using your smartphone while you are in bed. You reach for your phone the moment you wake up because of social media addiction. Put your phone on airplane mode or turn your notifications off. Use your phone after you are done with breakfast.