How to deal with dry and dehydrated skin

It is a constant problem in Dubai that weather keeps changing from pleasantly warm to very hot. The weather change gives you a sort of skin transplant. You feel start feeling your skin as dry and flaky from smooth and soft skin. Such changes occur overnight. So you need to take care of your skin. Read on more to maintain your skin in a good health. Question is that is your skin dry or you are dehydrated to propose a solution for your skin type. It will help you to enhance the skin’s ability to retain maximum levels of hydration.

Dry skin is a type of skin that lacks oil. It can be because of age, genetic, reaction to medicine or weather. It’s the oily barrier on the surface of the skin. It stops moisture from escaping and bad stuff getting in. so if you have a dry skin type then it means the oily top layer is less effective and the skin all over your body is likely to feel tight, scaly, and sensitive, most of the time. If you have a dry skin type then you need to use a skincare products specially designed for dry skin. It will help to replenish oil levels. You also need to eliminate all harsh soaps, shower gels, and bubble baths that contain the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulphate they take away oil on your skin’s surface.  Avoid alcohol-based products in your cleansing regime because such products contain strong surfactants which can strip away the skin’s surface oils.

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Use a rich moisturizer regularly, all over your body – including hands, feet, and face. This will form a thin oily film over your skin and help to build up the skin’s protective barrier. Make sure your moisturizer is a thicker, oil-based formulation. These are called occlusive and stop the moisture escaping from your skin. Look for rich creams, body butters, and oils with ingredients like argon oil, Shea butter, and vitamin E.

Dehydrated skin also looks or feels quite similar to the dry skin type. Dehydrated skin is not because of age or genetic reasons but it is because your skin is lacking in water. It is a temporary skin condition and can be treated easily. The moisture on your skin is dependent on your daily habits and lifestyle.

dehydrated skin care

To prevent dehydration of skin you need to drink a lot of water. A person needs to drink 8 glasses of water at least over the course of the day. You should eat water-rich foods. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables with more than 90% water content. Almost 20% of the water required by your body should come from the solid food intake. Watermelons, cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, spinach and other fruits and vegetables really help to keep you and particularly your skin hydrated. Staying hydrated is the key to flawless and youthful skin. Humectant moisturizer should also be used to fight dehydration. It attracts waters and helps locking it into the skin. Moisture on upper layer is very important, it can be kept moist with glycerin, seaweed etc. look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in body it can hold a lot of water for your skin. Use products which contain Dead Sea minerals and sea kelp because they will immediately hydrate and nourish dehydrated skin.

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