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UAE Wellness Survey: 78% of UAE Residents Consider Themselves Healthy

UAE Wellness Survey 78% of UAE Residents Consider Themselves Healthy 1

A new UAE wellness survey done by the Emirates’ largest health, wellness and beauty platform,, has revealed that majority of UAE residents consider themselves quite healthy. These residents tend to exercise weekly through working out in the gym, walking, swimming and running.

In order to get to these results, the UAE wellness survey took in several hundred female (45%) and male followers of Enritsch.  The platform, which is a soon-to-be TripAdvisor of the wellness and health world, also showed that those aged between 30 and 39 years are more predisposed towards health and beauty pursuits, which accounted for 40% of the total.

78% of the respondents – which makes up the majority of the wellness survey participants, said they considered themselves healthy; with one in every three using complementary therapies to assist in their fitness and wellbeing.

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UAE Wellness Survey 2017 Wish List

Topping the participants’ wish list for 2017, 29% were more committed to staying healthy and fit, 17% want to spend more time with family and friends, 11% hope to pursue learning activities, and 10% and 9% want to lose weight and stop smoking respectively. However, 20% of the UAE wellness survey respondents admitted to feeling extremely or very stressed, while 15% felt stress free.

According to Stefan Ritsch, Managing Director of Enritsch these findings show that stress levels appear to be directly associated with employment. “Nearly 61%, which is two thirds of the UAE wellness survey, said they will look for new job opportunities this year and one in every two said that they would consider a total career change or follow further education opportunities.”

The majority of the stressed people, says Mr. Ritsch, both male and female, tend to be working 50+ hours per week. “These highly stressed persons are more and more turning to complementary therapies to manage their stress levels.”


UAE Wellness Survey 78% of UAE Residents Consider Themselves Healthy 1Despite the work-related stress, 76% of the respondents said they felt overall happy and have a good night’s sleep.

“Half of the UAE wellness survey respondents sleep between 5-6hrs per night while 45% sleep between 7and 8 hours,” stated Stefan, adding that around a quarter of these have difficulty falling asleep and 10% turn to sleeping aids or herbal supplements to aid.

“The good news, at least, is that 4 out of every 5 people are putting in some exercise at least once a week. They are taking part in walking, running, going to the gym, and swimming,” he states noting that this no doubt contributes to the fact that 92% of the survey’s respondents feel that life is good, with 87% stating they laugh a lot.

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Sleep Patterns and Exercise

According to Stefan, there’s a direct correlation between sleep patterns and exercise, with those taking part in exercise or getting out into the fresh air at least thrice a week having minimal difficulty falling asleep compared to those exercising two times a week or less.

90% of those who took part in the UAE wellness survey felt life in the Emirates is very rewarding and feel they can have a positive influence on their life’s events. “One in five said they felt they can take on anything life throws at them, though two out of three said they didn’t have enough time to attain all they want to do. So, in short, it seems people in the UAE are both ambitious and happy.”

Women and Health Checks

The UAE wellness survey also showed that women came out on top in being prone to regular health checks and complementary therapies. “More than 60% of females have regular health checks compared to 45% of males,” said Stefan, adding that women are also almost twice as likely to use alternative therapies to stay healthy vs. men.

The Enritsch MD states that these results point to a good year for wellness providers, with only 7% saying they will be looking into cutting their expenditure.

More than 30,000 people visit per month looking for beauty, health or wellness products, tools, services and resources. The UAE wellness survey is an indicator that more people are interested in living a happy, inspired and healthy life.