Top Tips for a Radiant Skin this Ramadan

Top Tips for a Radiant Skin this Ramadan

Top Tips for a Radiant Skin this RamadanAs a period of reflection and detox of the mind, body, and soul, Ramadan is the perfect time to get into good habits and make smarter choices in your lifestyle, and that includes your skin. And to avoid lackluster skin getting the better of you, try FOREO products from their aptly named LUNA range to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate to achieve a radiant skin.

Due to the lifestyle changes we go through during Ramadan, your skin may need a little more TLC than usual. This is because of the negative effects such as limited sleep due to late nights and early starts as well as reduced water intake resulting in less hydration. And with the FOREO family in your corner, you will be able to blast away those dead skin cells with FOREO’s award-winning facial cleansing brushes – the antiaging LUNA 2 and customizable LUNA mini 2 to reveal a fresher and clearer appearance.

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Top Tips for Radiant Skin

  1. Use a gentle cleanser. Day and night cleansers are specifically designed to match the skin’s needs for morning and evening, giving your skin exactly what it needs.
  2. Exfoliate but avoid hard scrubbing. The LUNA 2 and LUNA mini 2 are covered in medical grade silicone meaning they’re much more hygienic than nylon bristle cleansing devices which harbor bacterial growth when wet. Another plus point – the smooth silicone touch points are soft, not sharp, which means less abrasiveness.
  3. Ensure you remove all traces of make-up and daily build up. The T-sonic pulsations in all FOREO’s LUNA range work to dislodge oil, dirt, and makeup from the pores, delivering a completely clean cleansing experience by removing 99.5% of build up.

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FOREO will be unveiling a special Ramadan landing page on where you’ll get insider insights into the region’s biggest influencers as they share stories about their lives, loves and how they celebrate at this special time of year. And, that’s not just all, you’ll also be treated to top tips and skincare advice on how to achieve a radiant skin that’s healthy and well-hydrated.