A serum is a skincare product that you apply to the skin after cleansing but before using a moisturizer. Usually lightweight and great for soaking into skin for deep hydration with a high concentration of active ingredients, skincare serums are great for targeting specific skincare concerns such as wrinkles or dark spots. 

What does a skincare serum do to your skin?

This all depends on the ingredients – you will need to find a serum with the right ingredients in order to achieve the results you are looking for. If you want brighter, more luminous skin, look for antioxidants like green tea extract, while acne prone skin will benefit from a serum rich in Vitamin C. If you have dry skin, you should treat it with hyaluronic or glycolic acid; however, you should avoid using certain ingredients in the morning, as pure Vitamin C & high percentages of hyaluronic acid do not react well with the sun.

The main differences between serums and moisturizers

A skincare serum is made up of small molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin for intense results – unlike most moisturisers that are usually heavier and sit on top the skin creating a barrier to retain your natural oils and protect skin from exterior elements.

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Some skincare serums you should try

Hydra Boost Finishing Serum

Skincare Serums - Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

A deeply drenching finishing serum with hyaluronic acid formulated to flood all skin types, even the driest and most sensitive, with profound yet lightweight hydration. Seaweed and algae extracts enhance cell turnover while safeguarding skin from environmentally triggered trauma and strengthening its natural defenses to help prevent future damage. This inspired, innovative and supremely comfortable serum also firms skin and effectively eases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Skin Brightening Complexion Treatment

Skincare Serums - Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

A non-irritating, hydroquinone free and illuminating treatment that poses a quadruple threat to uneven skin tone. Advanced exfoliators break down hyperpigmentation, as eight peptides lighten the appearance of existing discoloration. Natural extracts reduce melanin production to prevent new dark patches from developing, and proven protectors shield skin from spot-causing environmental factors. This skincare serum can be used before makeup, leaving the skin looking clearer and brighter with a lovely luminosity, smoothed texture and beautifully uniform tone.