Hair care tips

Hair care tips for a Hijabi

Even though our hair is protected from the natural elements (wind, sunlight, snow, rain, etc.), that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of it.  Often times, we can forget to take care of our hair properly, because so often it’s out of sight, out of mind. But we’ve curated a list of some hair care tips for hijabis that will help you nourish your hair so it can stay healthy.

  • Don’t tie wet hair


Most of you have may already heard of  hair care tips even if you don’t wear hijab you must not tie you hair wet. It damages roots of your hair. But it can get worse in case of hijabi’s. Your hair stays tied up for hours and it does not gets to dry naturally. Tying up wet hair adds another element to the dreaded condition of ‘hijab-hair’ since the hair ends up drying flat against the scalp so that when you remove your hijab, probably hours later, your hair is flat and wilted. You should avoid by giving your hair required time to dry your hair. Wash your hair few hours before you have to leave so your get plenty of time to be dried before you tie it up. If you’re in a total rush and can’t wait for it to dry naturally, use a blow-dryer sparingly.

  • Sit in the sun


Your hair require vitamin D that comes through sunlight. In view of the fact that you wear hijab for number of hours or pretty much all day. There are chances that your hair and scalp are never exposed to too much sunlight. Probably, depending upon your surroundings, it might not be possible for you to sit in your backyard without your hijab on. We suggest you to sit in the sunniest part of the house for at least half an hour a week without hijab. Vitamin D is essential for the hair and scalp, and just because you keep your hair covered doesn’t mean that your hair can’t get enough amount of vitamin.  So let in the sunlight through your curtains and soak up some rays.

  • Open up your hair


There are chances for a hijabi that you keep your hair tightly pulled up all day under your hijab or the under scarf you wear. We know under scarf is the most feasible way to keep your hijab in place. We commend you to take your hijab off when you are at home. Open up your hair, take out that hair tie, and run your fingers through the hair and scalp to get some circulation going. Maximize the number of hours you let your hair open and loose. It lets your scalp to breathe. If you have to keep up your hijab at home also, then you should try your hijab more loosely to get air circulation going.

  • Wash under scarves regularly


We know under scarf are the easiest way to keep your hijab in right place. You may have many under scarfs and repeat after days. You should keep at least two under scarves to switch between them. It is very important to wash your under scarf regularly because they all most of the time pressed with your hair and scalp. If they are not clean they can damage your hair. Dandruff and dust can build up on them which will again damage your hair.

  • Get a haircut regularly


Wearing a hijab doesn’t mean that you don’t need a haircut. You already know that whether you are trying to increase the length of your hair or you like short hair, trimming your hair every 4 to 6 months is a must. We all need to get rid of split ends. You can’t ignore your hair just because nobody gets to see it. Make sure to get regular haircuts for healthy grow of your hair.

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  • Don’t tie hair too tightly


We know that tying your hair loosely can become challenging for a hijabi. But we recommend you to try your best to not tie your hair back too tightly. Tie your hair a little looser at least one day of the week so as not to strain the roots of your hair from constantly being pulled back. Wear an under scarf to keep your hair from escaping your hijab.  Your hair will be kept back anyways.

Keep these hair care tips in mind so you can ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong while you pull a hijab.