sweaty palms

7 ways to treat sweaty palms

Sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis is an unpleasant situation that makes social encounters even harder than they naturally are.  It is a discomfort and embarrassment while holding hands, shaking hands when your hands are slimy and oily. If you are also struggling with sweaty palms, we know how uneasy and awkward you feel, but you are not alone. A lot of women are going through the same problem. However, the good news is you can boost your confidence and stop your hands from sweating and secreting oil by few natural remedies.

Taking cold showers has many benefits, you may have heard of, one of which is regulating body temperatures and sweating. The noticeable improvement in thermoregulation even under extreme conditions comes from the gentle stress that the body experiences after a cold shower, which allows it to resist harsh changes from then on. Or second thing you can do is to soak your hands in water. It has the same effect. This is an effective and a cost efficient way of dealing with your clammy and sweaty palms.

Wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands after small intervals will significantly reduce the amount of sweat your palms are producing. You can wash your hands even with just water, and it will help. In fact avoid using too much soap or sanitizer, it can adversely dry your hands.

Antiperspirants products are available to solve the problem of sweaty hands. Test the one that is best suitable for your needs. Such products block sweating temporarily. It make your skin smooth and dry.

Drinking water in a large amount has a lot of benefits. It is good for your health, skin, weight, mind and regulation of body temperature. Every person is supposed to drink more than 8 glasses of water over the course of the day at average. Keep yourself hydrated and start your day with drinking a glass of water. You will see a positive difference in your slimy hands.

What we recommend you is to avoid heavy hand lotions. Thick and dense lotions escalate your problem. You should find a light hydrating lotion if you have issue of sweaty palms. You should only use lotions that are easily absorbed by your skin to keep your hair dry.

Maintaining your healthy diet is important to avoid any abnormal and uncomfortable body consequences. Any abnormalities in your body can be linked to your health and diet. We know that most of the time, you are not sure that your diet is clean and fresh enough. Healthy diet is significant because what you eat is reflected outside by your health conditions.

We advise you to take control of your stress levels. If your stress level is increased it will lead to worsened health condition and your palms will sweat more. Neither stress over palms that they are fasting, it will only add to it. Try to engage yourself in activities that help you calm down and forget about your worries. Take out time from your routine to maintain your mental health, whether yoga, meditation or anything that helps you relax.