Guide to Eid Al Fitr 2016 in Dubai

Eid is the most awaited time of the year in UAE. Eid is a festive time for Muslim families to spend time together in celebration to cap off the Holy Month of Ramadan. Eid al Fitr is considered to be one of the most important days in the Islamic calendar. It is declared as a long weekend. You can greet your friends by saying “Eid Mubarak”. You will often hear this phrase during Eid days.

Muslim families go to shopping for new clothes as everyone is expected to be dressed in their best dresses at Eid. Usually, people purchase three sets of clothing for three days of Eid. It is essential to show cleanliness with oneself and their respective home. People wear perfumes to show cleanliness, because cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Women decorate their hands with henna. Some people decorate their houses with pretty lights and hung up the words “Eid Mubarak” around the home.

The first day of Eid starts with a pre-dawn prayer. People take baths and dress in their best new clothes to attend the prayer at the mosque. It is followed by a breakfast of sweets and desserts. Muslims are supposed to give Zakat al Fitr as alms for the Ramadan month before they enter the Mosque. This donation is the addition to the zakat that they are supposed to give as a charitable donation throughout the year.

Once all the religious obligations have been fulfilled at a mosque, the families will ask for forgiveness and they will give forgiveness to any wrongdoers. The families will then gather for a big lunch, dressed in their best. This is traditionally very important as they are showing unity as a family. At this time gifts will be exchanged, most commonly gifts of money are given to the children of the family, such gift is called as Eidi. Children often go to neighbors to wish “Eid Mubarak” and receive some money as a gift from them.

It is a pleasing idea to buy your Muslim friends some chocolates or sweets for their family. Don’t forget to wish them “Eid Mubarak” when you give your gift to them. If you have friends with children, you can give them gift of money i.e., eidi. It can be a small sum but it will be much appreciated. Or you can look for other ideas to get a gift for your dear ones. These gifts excite the children about their religion and it teaches them care and attention to detail.

You can make elaborate plans to go far, but we will recommend you to stay put. There are so many things that you can do during Eid days in UAE. Many hotels and restaurants have great deals for Eid this summer for you to get out of the house, but not country. Stay in any of the five star luxury resorts and get pampered like you are on a long vacation outside UAE. You can take a road trip with your friends and family. The roads will be quite during Eid days so you can pack a picnic basket and go on a picnic.

You can drive down to Al Ain and go into the mountains. If the weather permits you could have a picnic in one of the parks. You can stop off at one of the resorts and spend a day at the pool. Al Ain is close enough to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman that you could make a day trip out of it and go back to your homes on the same day. There are endless possibilities for a break on Eid. It will not cost you much because most of the resorts, restaurants and airlines are having summer sales at the moment.

However, Eid should be celebrated with your loved ones. The most you can do out of eid os to gather your family and friends for Eid lunch or dinner. Eid Mubarak!