Curb your cravings!

Food cravings are unrepentant forces that lash out at the most unfortunate moments. Such cravings happen including the times when we are actually trying to do right with our bodies, focusing on gaining ideal weight and avoiding

Cravings occur for either for emotional and psychological reasons or physical and biological needs. We may end up desiring and craving for a dessert when we are sad. Cravings start at mid-night for pasta, pizza and carb loaded food items when we can’t just sleep. We end up eating a burger with a fizzy drink just to comfort our cravings for junk food. Boredom, sadness, poor self-esteem, stress and negative image of your body will keep causing cravings. The more you eat carbs, the more you crave for them. Once you feed your cravings, you become hungry again in couple of hours. Cravings have very little to do with true hunger. When you are really concerned about the health and weight of your body but you can’t help your cravings. So, you get yourself carb loaded meal just to kill your cravings, because they are way hard to resist. If we tell you that you can progressively limit your carbs, fulfilling your cravings, would you practice them? Well you should!

We know you want to flaunt your physique in summertime, and it is in your best interests to maintain your health.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated, Drink water throughout the day to help you stay hydrated and control your cravings.


Protein helps to balance blood sugar. It is the key to destroying sugar and carb cravings. You should eat more lean meats, fish, beans, eggs and natural yogurt to help your body remain satisfied for longer period of time. It will restrict your craving for carbs in that period.

Try doing something else

Cravings may erupt just because you are bored. You should rather try to change your mood through exercising, watching a movie or any other hobby than seeking comfort in food. Try switching to healthy alternatives.

Replace the carbs

As it turns out, fat suppresses the appetite, which means it’s always a good idea to replace carbs with healthy fats. Also, fats aren’t addicting and like protein, they balance the blood sugar which will reduce our carb cravings. Try opting for nuts, oily fish, and avocados when you’re feeling a little risky.

Eat something else

Carbs are not the solution, other than a quick fix to your craving for few hours. You should eat something else that is a healthier alternative. You should replace carbs with healthy fats. Fats do not cause linked cravings. They also balance the blood sugar like proteins to reduce your carb cravings. You should opt for nuts, oily fish, avocadoes etc. eat few almonds to give you just the right amount of energy while concurrently balancing your blood sugar level over the course of the day.

Sleep more

There are days when your cravings are at an all-time high and you requirement of sugar abnormally increases. It can happen just because you did not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep increases our calorie intake from 300 to 400 for the next day. We feel tired and to boost our energy levels we tend to eat unhealthy snacks. So we recommend you to put your smartphones besides, and sleep more.

Get your stress in check

As we said earlier, your cravings are stimulated because of increased stress levels and overthinking. You can’t solve your problems by worrying.  It will only add hurdles to solving your problems. You should learn to cope with the stress and relax yourself.