Five Sharjah Hidden Gems that you Should Know About

Five Hidden Gems in Sharjah you Should Know About

Five Sharjah Hidden Gems that you Should Know AboutThe UAE is a modern day marvel. From the man-made islands, amazing Sharjah hidden gems, to skyscrapers and the tallest building on earth, there is always something to amaze. The country is made up of seven emirates and each emirate comes with its own personality and charm. One of them is the emirate of Sharjah which caters to different people with different backgrounds and interests.

H.E. Sara Al Madani, who is a member of the Board at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shares with us her top five of Sharjah hidden gems. She also says that there’s plenty to do and see in Sharjah.

Sharjah Hidden Gems that you need to know about
 Mleiha Archaeological Centre (Mleiha Desert)

Five Sharjah Hidden Gems that you Should Know AboutThis is a great place to visit for history enthusiasts as it holds cultural history dating back to 130,000 years. It is the only place in the UAE that allows you to step back in time and learn about the settlers in the region during Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron, Pre-islamic, Islamic and Modern ages.

It is a great place for the family to visit as it hosts a number of activities such as; children’s play area, educational tour, sunset lounge, star gazing, extreme climb at the fossil rock, camel rock tour, off road drives through Mleiha landscapes, back pack adventures, overnight camps, Polaris extreme adventures, thrilling cycling programme, survival camp, paragliding & paramotoring, nighttime off road tour, archaeological tours and the Mleiha adventure.

 Sharjah Art Foundation

Located at the Sharjah’s Historical Art and Heritage area, the foundation connects both the international art community and the local audience with exhibitions from world class artists across the globe. This makes it one of Sharjah hidden gems that you might not be aware of. There are 18 museums at the Sharjah Art Foundation. The alleyways and courtyards come alive in a totally different way at night as some art are best appreciated in the moonlight. Visitors can enjoy film screening, performances, music as well as educational art programmes for every age.

 Noor Island

This hidden gem is located in the Khalid lagoon near Buhaira Corniche and it was designed to encourage art and spark creativity. It is set to be the first island in the region that fuses nature, entertainment and art. Five Sharjah Hidden Gems that you Should Know AboutIt is the perfect place to relax with family and friends as the attractions include the Butterfly House with over 500 exotic butterflies from the East Asia Region, a café to unwind and a literature pavilion for book lovers.

 Muwailih Road

As one of the leading Sharjah hidden gems, this is a must visit as it happens to be a food lovers heaven. It is located near University City and is home to some of the most F&B startups like Paperfig, Zawaya café, Mochi ice-cream, Monkey Cookies and Felix and Norton. The startups are not only Tasty but Economical too.

Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences

The center is located on Muwailih Road near University City. Its vision is to build a national respected center working in the areas of astronomy and space sciences. It is open to educators, students, researchers and families of all ages. It has attractions such as The Planetarium theater, exhibition halls of the (Astronomy, Space, the Universe in the Holy Quran), the Astronomical Observatory and the Cosmic park. The center also has a cafeteria and a gift shop for astronomical and scientific souvenirs.

Go ahead and give Sharjah a visit, you will not only get educated but you’ll have fun too.  Share with us some more of Sharjah hidden gems that you know about.

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