Eye Makeup Shades That Will Make Your Color Contact Lenses PopWhen it comes to eye makeup, the best way to make your eyes pop is by choosing the correct shades and shadows that go with your eye color. And since color contact lenses seem to be in vogue once more, and have become a big part of any beauty routine, we put 3 different color contact lenses from Eyewa to the test and came up with eye makeup ideas that would naturally complement them, from day to evening looks.

Eye Makeup Ideas for Color Contact Lenses

Grey Beige Contacts From Bella Elite

Eye Makeup Shades That Will Make Your Color Contact Lenses Pop

First up was grey beige by Bella Elite, which is recommended for a natural everyday look. Worn over dark eyes, these contacts give them a natural look. After trying several shades of makeup, we settled for metallic colors, as the theme. For the eyeshadow, go for a light touch of silver, with an intense shade of black eyeliner. To make the look classier if you are looking for a more evening look, add a smokey finish of a natural brown shade.

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Terra (Hazel) From La Loggia Nature

Eye Makeup Shades That Will Make Your Color Contact Lenses Pop

Second in line was Terra (Hazel) by La Loggia Nature. Before we even decided on the makeup, we could not help but notice that these color contact lenses were pretty comfortable to wear. As for the makeup, a bronze eyeshadow with black eyeliner made the eyes naturally pop, and was best suited for a day look or a relaxed evening. And for a mesmerizing evening look, light purple shades brought out the hazel. These are matched by a tight purple eyeliner and not the usual black, but chocolate brown mascara. To finish the look, go for a classic eyeliner wing, with a soft silver shimmer on the brow bone. If a wing is too complicated, you can do a shadow-smoke around the edges.

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Iris from Core Lenses

Eye Makeup Shades That Will Make Your Color Contact Lenses Pop

Last but not least was Iris from Core Lenses, which is also recommended for a natural look. The iris color seems to shift depending on the lighting, and most often it appears to be a mixture of grey and tan. The best thing about this color is that almost any shade of makeup will make your eyes pop. For a dazzling natural look, go with a soft bronze eyeshadow, and jet black eyeliner. When it comes to an evening look, any neutral colors with flecks of shimmer will do wonders and give your eyes a luminous effect. To make things simple, go with a copper eyeshadow with red hints and black eyeliner. And instead of a winged finish, opt for a subtle smoky shadow on the outer corners of the eyes.


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