Fitness Classes Celebs are Flocking to, and Why You Should Join in

Top Workouts that Celebs Swear By

Fitness Classes Celebs are Flocking to, and Why You Should Join in

With the endless amount of options when it comes to keeping fit, sometimes we like to turn to our celebrity obsessions for inspiration and motivation on which fitness classes really do have a positive effect on both their bodies and their minds. All of us (including here at are yearning for that toned physique and feel-good factor after each fitness class. To help you out in the motivation department, we turned to Reform Athletica, the fitness boutique studio that offers that star-quality training to find out which celebs are doing what fitness classes.

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Celebrity Fitness Classes

TRX Athletica

Celebrity fans include Gisele Bundchen, Mary J Blige, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Coughlin and Jaime Pressly.

This is Reform Athletica’s signature high-intensity class and it is based on the TRX suspension trainer, providing a challenging and fun, full-body workout. TRX suspension trainer is probably the most versatile tool to hit the fitness market. Incorporating athletic based strength and conditioning exercises, the fitness classes include body weight drills, as well as the use of weights and other tools to further challenge fitness buffs to take their fitness to the next level and boost their overall calorie burn and development.

 Reform Method

Celebrity fans include Madonna, Kate Hudson, Amanda Seyfield, Naomi Campbell, Selena Gomez and Cameron Diaz.

This Reform Athletica’s signature Pilates-inspired low impact class takes you through 50 minutes of strength and conditioning exercises performed on the latest Lagree Megaformer machine. It originates from Los Angeles, incorporating Pilates and gymnastics-inspired movements. It delivers a challenging full-body workout that is low impact by design, so it’s ideal for every level of fitness. Classes are taught in a high-energy atmosphere to motivating music, focusing on core strength, muscle strengthening, and flexibility.

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At the end of the day, regardless of your fitness level, there should be professional trainers in every one of your fitness classes that provide quality coaching and an overall wellness approach to help you achieve your fitness goals, even if you won’t end up looking like J-Lo.