Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance HotelThere are visionary personalities who have written history by making the world a better place. Two of those people are Anne Stauder and Thomas Gerstgrasser who with the Arosea Life Balance Hotel, created a place of mindfulness in South Tyrol. The hotel was planned and built taking into account all standards of sustainability such as the Botanic Architecture.

There was once a girl who had a dream 

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance Hotel
Anne Stauder, Thomas Gerstgrasser, and son Tim

Since she was little, Anne Stauder dreamt of opening her own hotel. She had always been fascinated by the hospitality industry: the friendliness towards guests, the hotel lobby and waiters in fine clothing. “One day, I will build a hotel!” said Anne in her early years. This seemed like a childish reverie to others, though, Anne was serious about it. Her parents, however, hoped she would take over the family’s farm, but this was not to happen.

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How Arosea Life Balance Hotel began

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Her mother called her stubborn when she left to study hotel management at the prestigious State College Kaiserhof in Merano. She also met her husband and business partner, Thomas Gerstgrasser, there. His fascination was particularly with the art of cooking, more than all other seminars. He had already discovered the joy of preparing meals in his teenage years, which is why cooking, became the main focus of his studies. Today, chef Everest Berapetrela manages the holistic cuisine of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel and Thomas still enjoys creating new dishes with him.

One step at a time

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance Hotel

The two already dreamed of having their own holistic luxury hotel during their studies – however, it took a while until their dream came true. Before they were offered a property in the Ultental, they worked as self-employed hotel consultants for several years. When they planned the Arosea Life Balance Hotel, they benefited from previously gained experiences. In terms of holism, the green spa hotel unifies regional elements and modern accents to a place of sheer well-being. During the hotel’s construction, Anne and Thomas cared a great deal about protecting the surrounding nature and animals, thus, maintaining nature’s balance. All of their actions mirror their sustainable and holistic values.

Holistic hotel practice

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance Hotel

The basic idea at Arosea is to balance, may it be the mental and physical balance of humans or the balance of nature. At all levels, the holistic and sustainable approach promoting human and natural health can be discovered. Holism can also be found at the hotel’s wellness and spa area, where only natural care products are utilized. “Here in the Ultental, our guests can leave their everyday life behind to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel,” Anne and Thomas described the concept of their hotel with its breathtaking location in South Tyrol.

Culinary treats for your health

Sustainability Pioneers: Arosea Life Balance HotelNeedless to say, the credo in the hotel’s kitchen is also health and holism. Together with chef Everest Berapetrela, only fresh and seasonal ingredients are processed for the health-promoting meals, which are mostly grown locally and organically. The dairy products also come from South Tyrolean farms in the neighborhood. Traditional healing herbs are used to spice the dishes, as well as natural remedies. Moreover, the dishes are a brightly colored composition according to the color theory and are decorated with native flowers and herbs – a feast for the senses!

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Sustainable from day one

Wherever you take a look, Anne and Thomas have implemented their sustainable and health-conscious principles. Only natural and regional materials were used. Due to the Botanic Architecture, the building’s natural materials merge with the surrounding landscape. In the rooms, the materials also have various effects on health: pinewood lowers the pulse during sleep, a bath in sheep wool from the Ultental is detoxifying, and slate has a strengthening effect on the body. You not only find lively Grander water in the spa area but also in the pool, in the bathrooms as well as in the drinking fountain. Even the district heating originates from regional biomass, which is made from wood residues from the Ultental. “Protecting and appreciating nature as well as sourcing from it in a sustainable manner is a central issue at the Arosea Life Balance Hotel,” emphasize Anne and Thomas.