Simple Tips to Get Rid of a Pesky Headache

Getting rid of a headache 2We all know how it feels to have a headache. Sometimes you can wake up with a pesky headache that lasts all day. If the pain is unbearable or you have chronic and frequent headaches, you should consult a doctor right away. But just in case you want to relieve it at home, we have some simple tips for you.

Peppermint oil

Oils are solutions to many health problems. If you don’t want to take medication and want to put that headache at ease naturally, peppermint oil is the way to go. It helps in calming spasms within your scalp that lead to the headache. In addition, it has a pleasant smell which will help you in relax.

Acupressure treatment

Getting rid of a headache 3Acupressure is a therapy used to help in pain relief. It works as a miracle in relieving the pain and helps you relax and ease the tension. The concept is that your systems are interconnected so stimulating one can help ease pain in another. When you are suffering from a headache, try pressing on the space between your thumb and first finger.  Doing so for about one minute can help boost endorphin levels, which can ease pain in no time.

Lay down and close your eyes

You don’t have to be at home for this. If you can manage to lay down with your eyes closed for few minutes, it will make the headache disappear. Don’t think of anything which stresses you, and take deep breaths.

Ice the headache

Getting rid of a headache 4Ice has a ton of benefits. Just like you put ice on a muscle pull or strain elsewhere on your body, you can get similar benefits from icing your forehead. The ice works by shrinking your blood vessels, improving blood flow and making a headache feel less painful. You can wrap ice cubes in a cloth and gently move it on your forehead. Leave it at the same area for a minute or two and then move.

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Hot shower

Sometimes a hot shower is all it takes to relax your muscles, helping ease a head ache. At the same time, warm water stimulates blood flow, which can ease tension and pain in your head. While you stand in the shower, gently massage your head and neck to boost the process of curing the headache.

Consult a doctor

If you are not relieved from the pain by using these tips, we recommend you see a doctor. You must avoid any risks to your health. Get your magnesium checked, its deficiency also causes headaches. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle, stay hydrated, and eat a balanced diet.

What other tips do you use to get rid of a headache? Share with us in the comments section.