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Selecting the best hair colour is easier than you thought

Enhancing your hair colour as you age is an easy way to keep yourself looking young and fresh. Hayati offers some advices for women who want to maintain natural and young looking locks. Soft lightening of your hair tone can do wonders. Shades like blonde are more associated with youth than any other colour.  However, it is not the only way to look younger.

Wrong hair colour that does not suits you can make you look drained and unattractive. A right hair colour will make your best features stand out and cut years off you. It instantly updates your look.

To look younger, you don’t have to maintain the hair shade you had when you were younger. As skin tone and hair porosity changes with your age. So, you should consider making a change to your hair colour. Don’t go dramatic but some highlights or low lights will do the job. The new colour must look natural, in anti-aging strategies. One must avoid sharp contrasts to compliment your features and look younger. To look younger, flatter your complexion. Lighter hair colours flatter the complexion more than darker colours.

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All ash-blond hues work wonders in creating a youthful appearance: This colour shade counter-balances red blotches, softens the lines of the face and blends well with the first grey hairs. Black hair highlights details, it emphasizes every wrinkle on your face. It does not works well with pale complexion.

We recommend you to not try colours which will advertise your wish to look younger. A few well-placed highlights and a fresh cut can make a world of difference. Just get the highlights in the right colour and shade. If you have grey colour, you can add brightener to it. It will give you glamorous look. But, this suggestion is not for women less than 40. You must not show your grey hair. That’s a sign of aging, you can choose a shade from your natural colour that will keep you looking young effortlessly.

Don’t forget to lighten your eyebrows a shade or a two. It will help soften your up your look. If you have greys in eyebrows, colour them.

Don’t go for a combination of darker roots and light ends for the purpose of looking young. It does not works. If you want to choose a shade from reds, don’t pick fiery red, pick a more auburn tone that will compliment your skin tone. If you are choosing from brown colour range, pick a one that is more chocolate brown. Don’t pick shades like dark black or dark brown it does not works well with the aged skin tones. They emphasize the lines and wrinkles on your face. So stay away from them. Blonde shades are a good idea. If you are pick from blonde shades, choose a one which is more of honey brown. You must not keep your eyes on baby blonde or platinum blonde. Golden addition to your hair tone is required to add a blushing and sun-kissed glow to face.

If you like to maintain your look according to trends and fashion, you can take inspiration from latest trends.