Can You Lose Weight Faster with Qafé Slimming Coffee?

Can You Lose Weight Faster with Qafé Slimming Coffee?

Can You Lose Weight Faster with Qafé Slimming Coffee?Multiple studies have indicated that the higher your metabolism, the more weight you are bound to lose. The new weight loss kid on the block, Qafé slimming coffee, states that it can curb your hunger by a total 71%. In addition, it will also increase your metabolism.

Team Hayati brings you more information on Qafé slimming coffee.

What is Qafé?

Qafé is a premium blend of green coffee extract and Nutriose prebiotic fiber, which helps in weight loss. It was launched a little over a month ago by QNET, a Global Direct Selling Company.

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What are the components of Qafé Slimming Coffee?

Can You Lose Weight Faster with Qafé Slimming Coffee?Green coffee beans have been proven to contain at least 53 percent of Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). This acid facilitates the body’s ability to burn fat for energy. And Qafé slimming coffee contains the unroasted green coffee beans, which help in naturally preserving the high levels of CGA which is present in high levels in green coffee. But once the coffee is roasted, it becomes less and less. This is because the roasting process breaks down the CGA.

Moreover, a report by the University of California states that green coffee beans contain 34.4 to 41.6 milligrams per gram of CGA. And if you roast green coffee beans at 230°C for 12 minutes, you will be reducing the CGA to almost half. If you roast at 250°C for 21 minutes, all the CGA levels will almost be depleted.

How is Qafé slimming coffee different from normal coffee beans?

Unlike the usual coffee beans that we use for our cup of Joe, green coffee in Qafé is not roasted. This ensures the smooth functioning of the digestive tract. And to make it more consumer-friendly, Qafé is suitable for vegetarians and comes in a travel-friendly pack available on the go.

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What makes Qafé stand out?

One of the things that make Qafé slimming coffee stand out is its low level of calories. In addition, it has been clinically proven to control hunger by 71 percent. It also ramps up the metabolism for long-term results.

According to the CEO of QNET, Mr Haldun Arin, Qafé slimming coffee is formulated with a powerful weight loss ingredient – the green coffee bean. The prebiotic fibers found in Qafé promote the growth of good bacteria, which blocks additional calories. This ends up giving one an edge in the quest to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you have any thoughts on Qafé slimming coffee, fell free to share with us.