How to Get The Most of Out of Your Interior Styling With Carpets

How to Get The Most Out of Your Interior Styling With Carpets

Ever since Aladdin’s infamous magic carpet ride, carpets have continued to stir within us images of romantic Arabian nights and exotic spaces, and we have all come to feel there is something magical about old carpets, especially when it is an antique Persian silk rug. It is no surprise that the Persian carpet is globally famous for its sublime embodiment of timeless beauty.

The Persian carpet stands out by the variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs, telling us 1001 tales. The richness of color, pattern, texture and material creates a special atmosphere and is the epitome of pure luxury in a room. Stylishly versatile, rugs offer an easy way to add color and plush comfort to any room. 

Every Space Deserves a Carpet

Today, we find millions of different models of carpets and rugs in homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. There is no limitation to where the magic can fly. Whether it be huge lofty areas or smaller nooks, you can find rugs in every shape, size, pattern, and color, and with the right selection can maximize the full potential of any room. And I believe every space deserves a carpet or rug.

It can be the first touch in the morning when you wake up and swing your feet out of bed, or the place you lay down in the evening to read a book in front of the open fire. Rugs describe a space in a room, they create order and gently define borders, while at the same time always allow for some secrets to be pushed under.

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The Persian Carpet

I am a big fan of using rugs to create contrast, such as a bright washed out Persian carpet laid on light oak wood flooring, underneath a minimalistic leather sofa. Or perhaps a shiny maritime blue rug on “white with grey veins” Carrara marble flooring in a master bathroom. If you’re a fan of patterns and contrast, the latest Ralph Lauren home collection shows us how different colors, patterns and material can be combined with each other in the same space and look fantastic.

How to Get The Most of Out of Your Interior Styling With Carpets

The selection of the right carpet fibers will add on to the price, generally, natural ones like wool and silk are the most special ones you’ll find. The carpet knot count will also contribute to the price (it defines how fine a carpet is woven) and of course how old the carpet is. A good carpet is like good grapes, it develops and ripens with age. Specifically, if it is a vintage Persian carpet from Isfahan.

When well picked, a rug will visually anchor the space, color-coordinate with its surroundings, be just large enough to accommodate the furniture, and create a show stopping effect. 

In my opinion, carpets are meant to make a statement, creating a bit of dramatic attention, and at the end of the day, it can be considered a piece of art in its own right.

– Medy Navani

The Bedroom Carpet

For bedrooms, I love silk carpets. There is no other material quite like it. Colors glow and the touch of it is priceless. Perfect as a showpiece rug in the bedroom. Only downside, its sensitivity, (you need to keep it out of direct sunlight and don’t place heavy furniture on it), and of course its high price. This brings us to the cheaper silk version which is viscose, it is made of cellulosic materials and behaves like cotton. The natural sheen of the fiber has earned it the term art silk for artificial silk.

Office carpets

To get the Office carpets right it’s a bit tricky. Offices are high traffic areas and need to perform accordingly and be easy to maintain. Nylon carpet rolls are therefore the best selection. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that outperforms all other fibers. It wears exceptionally well, is very resilient, resists abrasion and stains and is easy to clean. Nylon carpets come in many vibrant colors and can change an offices look and feel entirely.

Words by Medy Navani, Creative Director & Founder of Design Haus Medy