Next Nail Art Trends

The manicure empire continues to expand all over the world with nail arts, nail stickers, sleek designs and nail extensions etc. women are obsessed to get the gorgeous nails. Nail art is nothing new but every girl wants to pamper herself by indulging into getting wonderful nail arts. Whether you’re on a summer break vacation or you’re getting ready for the work, your look won’t be complete without polished nails. There are a lot of trendy nail art pieces, and we are falling in love with the possibilities of nail art we can create this summer. This blog is of limited means, by this we mean that we will help you make the best of what you have.

Summer is the perfect excuse to grab hot pinks, turquoises and oranges you could not apply the whole year. This summer, bright nail colors are trending. Avoid dark colors and buy lighter and floral shades for nails. Sky blue is the color you should rock this summer blended with a darker shade. As stripes never go out of fashion. Trends this season are also leaning towards striping which can make your nails look attractive and well done. You can pick bold and bright colors like yellow, red and green or try purple color this season. This summer full rainbow shades are a thing, you can pick any of them or ALL of them. Pastel shades are also having their moment. Floral nail art in softer shades is trending this summer. Matte nail paints have also become a big thing, they look classy and elegant. Polka dots are still a thing, you can easily do your nails with polka dot patterns. Ombré is never a bad idea and easy to do, you just have to apply two nail paints complimenting each other on top halves and top bottoms. Then you will need a sponge to blend them in the middle. The mesmerizing metallic nails complemented with the metallic bracelets or cuffs on your wrist will pull off your look like a pro at styling.Nail art

Nail art in lighter colors with embellishments like a cute bling bow on one nail is the perfect way to do your nails this summer. Try shimmers and glitters on your nails to nail it.

You need to make sure that the colors and nail art you are opting for work well with your skin color, your outfit and rest of your look. You can make creative nail arts with the nail paints of your choice from zigzags, stripes, checkers, heart shapes, cheetah spots, holograms, feathery patterns, floral to geometric shapes.

While you drool over the huge bunch of ideas on nail art, french manicures are not going anywhere. You can make creative and bold changes to French manicure with replacing white with orange or whatever you want to do.

So this summer, paint your nails instead of doing dishes. How would you like people noticing your nail tips and complimenting like, YOU NAILED IT!