5 Key Tips for Busy Professionals on How to Stay In Shape

Stay In Shape With These 5 Key TipsAre you too busy with work to stay in shape? That won’t be an excuse anymore because Ultimate Performance’s founder and best-selling author Nick Mitchell, is here to reveal some key tips for busy professionals to stay in shape.

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Stay In Shape With These 5 Key Tips
Ultimate Performance’s founder and best-selling author Nick Mitchell
Staying Hydrated Will Help You Stay in Shape

Multiple studies now indicate dehydration can lower productivity dramatically, increase stress hormones, create poor eating habits and hamper the body’s ability to burn fat. A quick solution to this is simple: Fill three one-litre bottles of water at the start of the day and keep them on your desk. By the end of the day, they should all be empty.

Own The Meeting

A common pitfall in any executive’s day is the time around meetings. If you know you are back to back for hours, it is vital to go in prepared. Here are the essentials: water, protein powders and some nuts.

Always Pick the Right Menu

Many executives eat out in restaurants on a regular basis, whether it’s due to time constraints or business meetings. Either way, it should not be an excuse to indulge on three-course meals or luxurious desserts. Restaurants are full of hidden calories, sticking to one main of meat, and then asking for a side dish of vegetables is one way to go about it – avoid mayonnaise, butter and similar foods.

Be a Wise Traveler

A lot of executives have extremely busy traveling schedules, meaning they are constantly in and out of airports. To maximize productivity and energy during these business trips, one of the best tips is to avoid beverages in the airport lounge. With bubbles and grape on offer all around, sticking with water on your flight will make a world of difference in how you feel. Second, bringing simple, healthy snacks such as biltong, nuts and seeds can help keep you satiated, and prevent succumbing to poor quality airport food.

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Sleep is Key

Most busy executives are deprived of sleep, and for the most part, trying to get more sleep is not going to happen. Instead, if you really want to stay in shape, you can work on improving the quality of the sleep; the first ‘trick’ is to strategically eat your carbohydrates later in the day.  Whilst opting for high protein meals earlier in the day is better for productivity and focus, carbohydrate-focused meals in the evening can actually help trigger the relaxing hormone ‘serotonin’, helping with the ability to fall and stay asleep at night.

Exercise Efficiently

If time is very tight, some exercise is still always better than none. A quick 10 to 20-minute daily bodyweight circuit session or even some high-intensity interval training are effective ways to increase the metabolic rate and burn a lot of calories which will help you stay in shape.