Vegan Lifestyle in Dubai

Since the Vegan lifestyle is on the rise globally, it’s no surprise that Dubai is seeing a rapid increase in the number of people adopting a diet free from any animal products. The Vegan lifestyle in Dubai is getting a huge boost after a small group of people interested in veganism got together to host a “Vegan Community Day” – a chance to try good food, meet like-minded people and learn more about what it means to be a vegan.

According to one of the Co-organizers of the Vegan Community Day – Will Rankin – who has always been a foodie and loved cooking, while there are often chances to meet and dine with others interested in living a Vegan lifestyle, they want to take it to another level, welcoming everyone to join a free day where all can eat, learn and share information.

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“Veganism is often misunderstood. The food you can eat is only limited by your imagination. We are so happy that Rove is willing to demonstrate that with a little knowledge and passion, a beautiful, satisfying brunch can be created, without the need to reach for meat, dairy or eggs,” adds Rankin.

Vegan Lifestyle in Dubai

4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Vegan Lifestyle

  1. Vegans do not suffer from a lack of protein. There is more protein in broccoli than beef. Lentils, spinach and almonds are also protein-packed and contain other great nutrients too. You simply do not need to consume meat to get protein. Other vitamins and minerals that are widely and easily available to vegans include Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C.
  2. Vegans are not pale, weak people. Athletes and Olympians are increasingly adopting a vegan lifestyle – Carl Lewis, Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Jermaine Defoe, David Hayes are all vegan. There are thousands of others.
  3. The list of famous and influential vegans is enormous, including Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Beyonce, Alicia Silverstone, Ellen Degeneres, Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck.
  4. Vegan food is not bad food. Apart from hundreds of medical reports and surveys discussing the benefits of a plant-based diet, there are thousands upon thousands of easy, quick, healthy tasty vegan recipes to try. Dubai’s restaurant scene also has a number of vegan outlets, and many fine dining establishments now offer a vegan menu.