Shalky Spring Summer 2017 Collection for the Oriental EquestrienneThe just launched Shalky Spring Summer 2017 collection is made for the Equestrienne woman. The designs are for that lady who carries herself with spontaneity and innocence, and possesses revolt, with a mind of leadership. This collection is also based on a woman with an air of confidence in her appearance and has that unique beauty which can tell a story by just looking at her.

shalky-spring-summer-collection-2017-4The Shalky House, which is for high-end fashion, is known to create beauty through fashion inspired by the magic of the Orient Arab woman.  This includes the beauty of the equestrian and the desert that we have all come to adore. The Shalky Spring Summer 2017 collection designs basically create harmony between the fabrics.

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Shalky Spring Summer 2017 Collection is a Work of Art

The materials for the collection include glittering crystals and beads that form a work of art. This comes as no surprise because it is in line with the latest fashion trends, including that passion that emanates from a confident woman.

Shalky Spring Summer 2017 collection conjures up an imagination of a female rider on her imaginary horse that she has tamed from the wild. She walks as if from a fairy tale with beauty radiating from her face. No other words can describe the Equestrian collection than poetry: “What do I say about you my equestrienne I am the beau who got off on your pulse and all the knights love you”.

Global Designer

Qasim ALQasim’s designs for Shalky Spring Summer 2017 collection were also inspired by the beauty of nature. The beautiful colors and shapes highlight the attractiveness of the designs which are like paintings with a collection of colors which are stirred by the desert, equestrian and poetry.

Shalky Spring Summer 2017 Collection for the Oriental EquestrienneThe designs embody artistic vision that highlights the features of beauty and lends it an aura of magic that distinguishes lady “Shalky”. This allowed ALQasim to infuse modernity within the designs while preserving the spirit of the djellaba, an authentic Arab kaftan.

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Finest of Fabrics

ALQasim’s launch of the Shalky spring summer 2017 collection includes exclusive and varied designs. He combines the luxurious designs with color consistency, while still using the finest fabrics like chiffon, silk, and under skirt fabric. He has adorned these special fabrics with carvings and hand embroideries. This lends excellence to the beauty of the design allowing it to fit all tastes.

The elegant colors of the Shalky spring summer 2017 collection include soft pink, blue, as well as deep green, bright yellow, burgundy red and pink red. ALQasim has excelled and succeeded in courting the taste of the Arab woman with designs that combine modesty, beauty and a sense of comfort and freedom of movement. The modern designs of this collection and all his collections in general suit the needs of Gulf women, especially those who seek beauty and uniqueness.