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Hayati is your everyday scoop of wonderful! Hayati is an Arabic term derived from term meaning life. Likewise, Hayati is committed to help you through all aspects of life. Our mission is to inform you about “what”, answer when you ask “why” and help you through “how” and to keep you inspired. This magazine provides you everything about lifestyle, health, fashion, cosmetics, art, dining, and fitness, cooking recipes and technology and everything you would talk about. Hayati answers all of your questions and problems with real solutions. Whether you’re looking for tips on choosing the perfect outfit, or doubting which foundation will go with your skin, from blogs on how you can safely lose a few pounds, hottest trends this season to the advanced functions of the upcoming mobile model, you will find it all on Hayati. It offers you information on simplifying your life. Hayati inspires its readers to live life to the fullest and being yourself. It inspires you to stay healthy and fit, eat healthy but delicious, improving your home and lifestyle, staying informed and entertained, dressing well and looking beautiful by putting a smile on your face.

Hayati celebrates the best of UAE and shares every aspect of life in the region we love through our magazine. It features the best blogs providing you the perfect platform to update yourself. Hayati is nothing but every lifestyle and fashion news you need to hear. It showcases the latest high street fashion, make-up advices and celebrity news. It contains everything having to do with fitness, including diet advice, workouts, supplement reviews, and informative articles covering the fitness concerns that affect health and to remain fit. It encompasses all the sides of life and style. It covers everything from news and reviews on technology to discussions on glamour and fashion and home and recipes, ranging from experts’ advice on hair fall, hair styling, skin care, product reviews to healthy food, short recipes and reviews on dining. It deeply explores the lifestyle and culture of UAE. Our blogs are based on information by professionals like health care entrepreneur, nutritionists, doctors, fitness gurus, interior designers, fashion designers, celebrities and style icon. It is where trendsetters share tips on styling and fashion alerts and advices for upcoming seasons. It gives you inside scoop on how celebrities get perfect looks.It provides celebrity lifestyle news, gossips and interviews. It provides definitive reviews on the products for people who want to read reviews before buying for help to make a rational choice. It tells you about the hotspots to put on your dining list and what recipes you must try. Plus it tells you everything you need to know on the latest upcoming festivals. This is for everyone who wants to stay up to dated, inspired and entertained. Enjoy your journey with Hayati!

Feedback and appreciation from our readers provide us with the contentment of having touched and improved lives. If you have any questions please let us know. Hearing from you makes our day.